Rebranding and Social Media

The decision to rebrand was based on numerous factors but honesty was the primary driver. Too much attention had previously been paid to marketing gurus who preached a successful training facility should project inclusivity regardless of effort, a visual veneer of smiling clients with their high fives and new trainers, a sanitised image of training devoid of the grit and hard work required for improvement. 

The usual marketing ploys of free trials, half price opening offers and free equipment were discarded. Experience has taught that the disciplines offered were for every “body” but not nessasarily for every “mind”. Training is no longer publicly projected as pink and fluffy and the voluntary struggle, the ability to suffer better is celebrated. The black and white images depicting effort, consistency and a deliberate practise provide more realism and clarity for potential clients.

Should an individual be deterred by the promise of hard work or the lack of an enticing entry offer then the rebrand has been successful and both client and coach have saved time, effort and disappointment.

Coaching is quiet, cheerleading is loud. Our social media will be reflective of this, focussing on educational content rather then hollow motivational posts and recycled fitness memes. Content will be provided through the links at the bottom of the page, we hope you enjoy.

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