Dorchester Personal Training

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"Discipline is choosing what you want now and what you want most.”
Abraham Lincoln

Dorchester AGOGE offers three paths for Personal Training

1) Beginners Course 

This ten session course is designed to prepare clients to join our group classes with the basic skills they’ll need to hit the ground running. It’s ideal for clients who lack the confidence to go straight into a group class and would prefer to become familiar with the gym, coaches and movements of their chosen discipline first.

2) Regular Ongoing Training

Clients commit to a certain number of training sessions per week in their chosen discipline or a mixture of disciplines. This is ideal for clients who can’t make our group classes or would like to mix group sessions alongside Personal Training for accelerated progress.

3) Skill Development Session

This one off session is for existing clients in our group classes who may be struggling with a certain aspect of their chosen discipline and want additional training to improve. Examples are clients who wish to spend time improving their over head squat, round kick or side control escape.

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